Top 10 Bad Foods for Your Teeth

Top 10 bad foods and drinks for your teeth

1. Alcohol!

Many are unaware of this, but alcoholic beverages actually decrease saliva production below it’s normal levels. This is not optimal as saliva plays a vital role in your mouth, protecting your teeth from things that are too acidic. Saliva also helps to remove food particles from the surface of and between teeth. Low saliva production results in the teeth being more susceptible to infection!

2. Tea and Coffee

Most people are addicted to caffeine and they don’t even know it. Moderate consumption paired with good oral hygiene and whitening products is okay, but many do not take this approach. This results in discolouration. This discolouration is not pretty, and comes in the form of yellow and even brown stains. Also, with the introduction of lot’s of sugar you open the door to more cavities and other oral health diseases.

3. Sticky Candies

Though they can be tasty, hard and sticky candies should only be enjoyed on rare occasions. Candy can take longer than most foods to dissolve and leave the mouth. This prolonged stay within the mouth can cause the sugar content to absorb into teeth and gums. If candy particles get stuck between the teeth and cannot be removed by floss (or not flossing at all!) it is very common for cavities to develop.

4. Oranges and Lemons

Though delicious, citric acid is actually one of the primary causes for tooth decay and erosion. If you cannot avoid citric acid altogether (which is okay) it is important to brush regularly and rinse your mouth out with water after consumption.

5. Dry Fruits

Many people enjoy dried fruits like mangos, raisins and even cherries. These fruits are very good for energy levels, but they have a downside. The sticky nature of the dried skins can easily get stuck between teeth. If you enjoy dried fruits then chances are they are getting stuck between your teeth. Flossing is the only solution to this! As well as visiting Sbenati Dentistry for your regular check-ups and cleanings.

6. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are very common in many dishes (especially if you are Italian!). Similarly to oranges and lemons, tomatoes are actually quite acidic. They are the most acidic when consumed raw as the acid is in full form, when cooked the acidic content decreases slightly. It is important to rinse and brush around consumption of these highly acidic fruits (yes, they are fruit).

7. Potato Chips

What a surprise! This starchy and salty snack is bad for your teeth (not). Once chewed and broken down, potato chips change consistency and become mushy. Chewed chips can get stuck in in the small spaces between the teeth. This can be detrimental to your teeth and gums!

8. White Bread

Yes, we know- everyone loves their white bread. Whether it be for a sandwich, burger or with your eggs in the morning. Unfortunately, starch is turned into sugar when saliva gets ahold of it. As we know, buildup of sugar in the mouth is never a good thing. Since it turns the starch into a sticky substance, it can adhere to the teeth and gums raising the risk of infection and cavities!

9. Popcorn

This one comes as no surprise. We all know those times in the movie theatre when you wish you had a toothpick after eating a bucket of popcorn to yourself! Those pesky kernels can get stuck in your teeth. Since the most common consumption of popcorn is at the theatre, it is hard to clean the teeth immediately which means they sit there for a couple hours at least. Also, these kernel husks can be quite hard and if chewed upon in the wrong way can crack or chip your teeth!

10. Pickles

Pickles are no bueno when it comes to the health of your teeth. The high concentrations of vinegar used to make pickles is the culprit. Vinegar is very acidic and as we know by now- acid is not good for the teeth. You can combat this with a proper oral hygiene routine!

Good oral hygiene can combat a lot of these foods, but everyone is different. If you have any questions or concerns about your diet, don’t hesitate to reach out to us by phone, email or our request an appointment form!

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