10 Benefits of Invisalign

People who have crooked or misaligned teeth can benefit immensely from getting their teeth straightened. This is one of the most common procedures in orthodontic medicine that has been around for centuries. However, the use of clear aligners in place of traditional metallic braces and brackets only became popularized recently. Although many people still favor the use of conventional braces, it is not possible to straighten your teeth without getting a mouth full of metal. Using translucent plastic aligners such as Invisalign comes with loads of benefits. The following are some of the advantages of using straighten your teeth with Invisalign

Drink And Eat Anything You Want

People who get traditional metal braces are often given a long list of foods they’re not allowed to eat. You probably know that you shouldn’t be eating candies or gums if you get braces. But did you know that apple, steak, hard nuts, popcorn, and corn-on-the-cob are off the table as well?

Generally, foods that are too hard or likely to get under your metal braces must be avoided if you have metal brackets on. The good news is that you don’t have to worry about following these rules if you get Invisalign. While this does not mean you can chew anything with Invisalign on, the fact that you can remove your aligners makes things a lot easier. You can simply remove the aligners before you eat and put them back in place after eating and brushing your teeth.

It is Virtually Invisible

One of the biggest reasons why many teens and adults don’t like the idea of getting braces is because they tend to be so obvious. Metal braces draw attention to the condition of your teeth and can increase your self-consciousness instead of boosting your confidence.

Clear aligners solve this problem once and for all. With Invisalign, no one has to know that you’re undergoing orthodontic treatment. The aligner is made from a thin translucent plastic that shows the color of the teeth below. You smile and talk normally while correcting the appearance of your teeth without drawing unwanted attention to yourself.

Convenient Oral Care 

People who get metal braces often find that their teeth are stained when they remove the braces. They may also experience other issues associated with poor oral hygiene. This is because conventional braces make it difficult to continue dental care like you normally would. While this does not mean you will not be able to floss or brush your teeth, it is a lot more challenging and will require a lot more time to thoroughly clean your teeth if you have metal braces on. With Invisalign, cleaning your teeth is not any more challenging than it has to be. You simply have to remove the aligners before your routine oral care. The only challenging part of the whole process is remembering to return the aligners each time you remove them. You can also clean the aligners themselves by soaking them in a cleaning solution specially formulated for cleaning and disinfecting aligners.

Reduced Risk of Orthodontic Emergencies

Traditional braces are generally safe and problem free. As long as you follow the recommendations of your orthodontist you really don’t have a lot to worry about. However, every once in a while, patients have to make emergency dentist visits due to broken brackets, loose braces, allergies, poking injuries, and other inconveniences. Invisible aligners are free from all of these issues. You won’t have to worry about emergency visits to a dental office if you opt for this option.

Invisalign Is Comfortable

When you visit a dentist to get Invisalign, the plastic trays you’ll get are designed specifically for your teeth. Typically, the orthodontist will take impressions and digital images of your teeth and use these to design custom-made plastic trays.

The trays are designed to adjust the position of all your teeth until they’re properly adjusted. Each aligner is made from smooth plastic and fits snugly on your teeth. They fit comfortably compared to metal braces which are often obstructive and uncomfortable.

Invisalign is Removable 

Once metal braces are installed, only a professional can adjust and remove them. This means even if you have a special event that you’d rather attend without wearing your aligners, it will be impossible to do so. This isn’t the case with Invisalign. In addition to being invisible (meaning you can wear it anywhere without people noticing it, you can also remove it entirely if you want to.

Of course, dentists recommend that you don’t make this a habit. For the best results, the braces should stay on for up to 20 hours each day. You get a short 4-hour window to take it off throughout the day and you can make use of this any way you deem fit. Just know that the success of the treatment depends on you wearing the braces frequently.

Works Just as Great as Regular Braces

Invisalign delivers precise and predictable tooth movements. Your orthodontist can practically show you the results you can expect and how your teeth are likely to change during the course of your treatment. Currently, it is just as effective as using metal braces. Even more, it works for a wide range of orthodontic issues aside from misalignment. It can help correct teeth gap issues, bite issues, teeth crowding, and other complex issues. People of all ages, including adults, can get Invisalign to improve their smiles.

Quicker Results 

Patients who have used Invisalign report changes in the appearance of their teeth in as little as 2 weeks. The entire treatment takes a shorter time compared to braces too. The exact length of your treatment depends largely on the condition of your teeth and how frequently you wear the braces. The second part of that condition (wearing the braces frequently) does not apply to regular braces. It has to be worn 24/7 which is why people often get the impression that it works better. However, if you follow instructions diligently, your treatment should be completed between 12 to 18 months compared to 24 months for clear aligners.

Spend Less Time At A Dentist’s Office

Traditional braces require a regular visit to the orthodontist’s office. You’ll have to visit roughly every four weeks to have the braces checked and adjusted. In addition to visiting more often, you’ll also spend more time on each visit compared to if you go for Invisalign instead. There’s no tightening required with Invisalign, you simply switch to a new plastic aligner in the set and you can do this all on your own at home. Occasional visits to a dental office may be needed, but that’s only to check the progress of your treatment. This means you’ll spend just a few minutes with your dentist with each visit.

No pain 

Getting new aligners or switching to the next aligner in the set is not painful. You may feel a slight pressure on your teeth each time you switch up the aligner, but this is not painful or extremely uncomfortable. With metal braces, tightening the wires every 4 weeks can leave your mouth sore for several days. Of course, you’ll adjust to this eventually, but you can avoid it entirely by going for clear aligners instead.

It is important to note that while Invisalign works for most people, it isn’t for everyone. When you visit our dental office in London Ontario, our professional orthodontists will examine your case and determine the best course of treatment for you. Call now or take your dental assessment to book a consultation.