5 Step Covid-19 Protective Protocols, London Ontario

Find out why it is safe and essential to visit us during lockdown!

Is the dentist essential?

Yes! Dental visits have been deemed essential since the very first lockdown. This stems from two realizations:

  • Having people visit the dentist for dental emergencies and not the hospital will reduce the strain on our frontline workers.
  • Oral health is a key component of total body health. Those with good oral health are less likely to suffer severe COVID-19 symptoms!

These two reasons make it very important to continue to visit your dentist during the current stay at home order.


the 5 steps we take to keep you safe!

1. Screening

At Sbenati Dentistry we send all patients and staff a screening exam prior to entering the clinic. This avoids symptomatic carriers from entering the clinic, keeping all patients and staff safe! This, combined with out controlled entrance protocols nearly eliminates the possibility of spread. We have patients wait in their cars until we are ready in order to make sure the coming and going of patients does not happen simultaneously.

2. Temperature checks!

Upon successfully passing the screening and waiting in your car for the optimal entrance time, you enter the clinic. As soon as you enter we check your temperature. This ensures that even if a patient may be feeling ok, that their temperature isn’t too high. Even though asymptomatic spread is less likely, we want to ensure confidence and safety at every corner.

3. Closed doors and surgically clean air

We close off every treatment room so that each patient is secluded. Within these spotlessly cleaned rooms we can keep our patients safe from potential toxins in the air with our top of the line air purifiers. Using Surgically Clean Air we ensure that the breathing environment is pure for all patients and staff.

4. Surface Cleaning

Before our first patient visits, and in between every visit afterwards we completely disinfect all surfaces. This helps create a clean and welcoming environment for all. No surface is spared, making sure any potential droplets are disinfected promptly.

5. Protective barriers

To mitigate the risk of asymptomatic transmission, we make sure there are always multiple barriers between the patient and any potential point of contact. We use N95 masks, gowns, sneeze guards and plexiglass barriers. All of these protocols combined almost completely eliminate the risk of droplet related transmission. And that risk is already reduced greatly through our screening and temperature checks. All of these measures combined create a safe environment for patients and staff alike.