6 Problems That Smile Makeovers Fix

As the name suggests, a smile makeover is a series of treatments aimed at helping patients achieve a perfect smile by correcting various dental issues they might be experiencing. If you’re like many people dissatisfied with their smile, getting a smile makeover from a professional orthodontist like Sbenati dentistry might be an ideal solution for you.
A smile makeover is not just one treatment. It is a series of treatments designed to help you get the perfect smile you desire. These cosmetic procedures fix various aesthetic issues ranging from discolored teeth to crooked smiles. The following are some of the common dental problems you can fix with a smile makeover at Sbenati Dentistry in London, Ontario.

Cracked Teeth

Teeth are naturally built to be strong and resistant to damage. However, a serious injury or something as simple as hard and crunchy food can result in a dental crack or chip. Whatever the cause of your cracked teeth is, having broken teeth can dampen your confidence quite significantly, but a smile makeover can fix that smile and help you smile confidently again.
Patients with a broken or chipped tooth often end up getting bonding or veneers for their teeth. A composite bond is a simple treatment usually completed in a single appointment to fix a chipped tooth. Results are immediate and it will conceal your chipped teeth right away while looking as close to natural as possible. However, for patients with multiple cracked teeth, you may need to get crowns or veneers. The exact treatment you need depends on the extent of the damage.

Spaces or Gaps

Some people naturally have more gaps between their teeth than they would normally want. Gaps may also occur because you have failed to wear your retainers as recommended or due to a periodontal condition. Excessive gaps between your teeth can affect the quality of your smile. Food particles may also get stuck between the gap and this can give rise to other teeth and gum issues. Fortunately, this is one of the issues a smile makeover can fix.
The treatment approach often depends on the unique anatomy of your teeth. However, in most cases, dentists can use veneers to cover the spaces between your teeth. Invisalign aligners or good-old metal braces can be used to correct spacing issues too.

Discolored Teeth

Although everyone desires pearly white teeth, most people are not lucky enough to have them. Also, a person’s teeth are likely to get discolored as they age. Other non-natural causes of teeth discoloration include frequently eating foods and drinks that can stain the teeth, poor oral habits, chewing tobacco, smoking, and so on. People with discolored teeth often struggle with their self-esteem and are typically dissatisfied with their smiles.
During a smile makeover, cosmetic dentists can brighten your smile by simply getting rid of teeth stains. However, for patients that are genetically predisposed to having yellowish teeth, it is still possible to adjust the color of their teeth with artificial implants such as veneers.
Teeth whitening with veneers is a more complex procedure that has to be carefully carried out. The dentist has to consider your complexion and the tone of your hair in planning the procedure. This is necessary in order to find a perfect balance between whitening your teeth and retaining a natural color.
If you’re getting other dental procedures like a dental crown or veneer, dentists often recommend whitening your teeth first. This ensures that the natural color of your teeth matches the new restorations you will be getting for your mouth.

Missing teeth

If you have lost a tooth due to facial trauma or disease, you are likely to be unhappy with your smile. Replacing missing teeth is one of the procedures you can include in your smile makeover. Getting a dental implant is a common recommendation for replacing a missing tooth.  An implant is a type of permanent attachment to your jaw bone using a titanium rod. This is then covered with a natural-looking crown. Implants look and function like your natural tooth and do not affect the surrounding teeth negatively.
Your cosmetic dentist may also recommend getting a dental bridge or denture to replace missing teeth. In addition to changing the aesthetics of your face, getting a smile makeover to replace missing teeth can also improve the health of your teeth. When done properly by an expert orthodontist like Sbenati Dentistry, dental implants are meant to last a lifetime which means you have nothing to worry about.

Teeth alignment  

If you have crooked or misaligned, you can get a simple orthodontic procedure to correct it. Improving the alignment of your teeth can go a long way in making your smile prettier. It can also help correct chewing issues such as overbite and underbite while maintaining optimal dental health.
When it comes to fixing teeth alignment issues, you can either go for the traditional option of metal braces or get clear aligners like Invisalign. With traditional braces, metal wires, elastic bands, and brackets are installed on your teeth to gradually adjust the position of your teeth over a long period. This approach works best for severe cases of misalignments.
However, patients who want a more discrete and less invasive method of adjusting the position of their teeth may also opt for Invisalign braces. These are clear braces made of plastic materials. They’re practically invisible and just as effective as metal braces for correcting simple to moderate misalignment issues. An Invisalign doctor can tell you if you’re an ideal candidate for clear aligners after assessing the condition of your teeth.

Gummy smiles

You can also get a smile makeover to treat gummy smiles. This is a situation where your teeth appear shorter than they should because you

have too much gum tissue. When a person with a case of “gummy smile” smiles, they have more of their gums on display than their teeth.
If this is the case with you, your orthodontist may suggest getting gum contouring to make your teeth and gum tissue more attractive. Crown lengthening is another option for correcting gummy smiles. These procedures will help get rid of gum tissues and give your teeth the proper length.
You can get a smile makeover to treat any of these issues and more. If you’re embarrassed to smile or speak in public because of your smile, you’re an ideal candidate for a smile makeover. Visit our dental office in London Ontario to speak to a dentist and get recommendations on how to fix your dental cosmetic issues. Call or visit our office now for a consultation.