6 Crazy Things That Your Teeth Tell Your Dentist

Did you tell your kids that Santa Claus will know if they’ve been bad or good?  Well in a recent daily mail article a Sydney dentist and clinical adviser talked about how the state of someone’s teeth says a lot about their lifestyle habits and whether they are bad or good.

Dentists can tell if you are anxious, pregnant, left or right-handed, stressed, and even if you drink lemon water within seconds of looking at your teeth.

To find out how your dentist knows these things about you and why this is relevant for you when building healthy lifestyle habits, let’s dive in.

Do you drink lemon water?

Yes, your dentist can tell if you drink lemon water because the acidity of the fruit can dissolve the coating on your teeth.  If consumed on a regular basis it will result in erosion of the front surfaces of your teeth where the tooth enamel has dissolved.  If you enjoy lemon water we recommend that you find an alternative as the effects of tooth erosion are permanent and unsightly.  At Sbenati Dentistry we can help protect your tooth enamel with regular dental cleanings, feel free to call our dental office at (519) 474-0220.

Are you pregnant?

Yes, attending the dentist could be the equivalent of getting a pregnancy test.  Dr. Cronin, a Sydney dentist says that the gums of pregnant women will bleed more than expected considering the amount of plaque that is present.  This is because pregnant women experience an increase in hormones which boosts blood flow to their gums.

Are you left or right-handed?

Patients that are right-handed will brush their teeth better on the left side of their mouth than their right side which will cause more plaque on one side of your mouth.  Unless you are very diligent in your oral hygiene habits your dentist will be able to tell what hand you are dominant in based on the side of your mouth that has more plaque.

Are you anxious or stressed out?

Did you know that chewing on pens and clenching your jaw when you’re stressed will have a bad impact on your teeth?  Well, dentists can easily tell if you’re stressed because it causes your teeth to become worn down, fractured, or cracked.

Did you suck your thumb as a child?

This sounds hilarious but your dentist can actually tell if you sucked on your thumb at a young age because it can push your jaw forward and cause your upper jaw to be narrow.  Your dentist may recommend Invisalign braces with mandibular advancement if you have a similar issue, to learn more about this you can contact our dental clinic at (519) 474-0220.

Are you a smoker?

This one may not be as big of a surprise as the others because most people know smoking can stain your teeth and give you bad breath.  Patients who smoke often show signs of periodontal disease and have more plaque build-up.  If you are a smoker it is even more important to consistently visit the dentist every 6 months to have the plaque removed from your teeth.


A dentist is not an all-knowing magician but your teeth are a living part of your body and like your doctors, a dentist can tell a lot about you from looking at your body (teeth).

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