Benefits of a smile makeover in 2023

What Is a Smile Makeover

A smile makeover uses one or several cosmetic dentistry procedures to improve the aesthetic appeal of a smile. The makeover may include procedures like teeth whitening, fillings which have the natural colour of teeth, dental implants and bridges, veneers, and lumineers, dental crowns, bonding, and much more. It is a process that is tailored to each patient’s needs and features.

A smile makeover considers factors like gum tissue and lips, teeth, hair colour, skin tone, and facial appearance to create a functional and beautiful dentition. The importance of a beautiful smile is often understated until you lack one. Here are a few significant reasons why you should consider a smile makeover.

1. Increase self-confidence

Your self-image and value comes from the way you view yourself, and few things can dent (get it, dentistry joke) your esteem and confidence more than stained teeth or overcrowded ones. A smile makeover allows you to make an unforgettable first impression. It gives you the confidence to step out in social and business circles with more confidence giving your best – unhindered by your fears.

2. Eliminate trouble with chewing

Having missing or misaligned teeth or damaged ones will affect your ability to chew, and it can even be painful. Cases of malocclusion can cause overcrowded teeth or overbites and under-bites. The discomfort and pain you suffer further adds to the stress of having an imperfect smile. Your dentist can help you align the teeth properly and correct the various defects allowing you to enjoy your meals and look and feel great.

3. Correct difficulty with speech

Some speech difficulties are caused in no small part by your dental setup. Slurred or strained speech, which makes you hard to understand, can all be linked issues with your teeth, whether it is overcrowding or gaps. There are other problems like whistling or frothing when you speak, which are a source of embarrassment, and a smile makeover can fix them.

4. Restore teeth with dental issues

Dental health issues like cavities, discolouration, and tooth breakages pose a risk to the whole mouth’s health and the entire body. A smile makeover provides the necessary dental restoration, which removes the infection and pain, prevents further damage on the affected tooth, and as a bonus, improves your smile.

5. Replace missing teeth and fill gaps in the teeth and repair tooth injuries.

Gaps in the teeth are caused by jawbone or gum issues. They could also be caused by tooth extraction. In other instances, teeth can break, crack, or chip due to accidents. Replacing the missing teeth and bridging the gaps, and repairing injured ones adds comfort, prevents further damage and infections, and adds to the overall look of your smile.

A smile makeover gives you all-around dental care, ensuring you address health, functional, and as a result, aesthetic aspects of your mouth.

We offer multiple treatment options as part of our overall smile makeover plan. We offer cosmetic dentistry treatments, orthodontic care, Invisalign in London Ontario, teeth whitening, veneers in London Ontario, and much more – to help you get the smile you have always dreamed of.