10 Reasons Canadians dream about losing their teeth!

Did you know that the second most common dream in the world and the most common in Canada is about people losing their teeth? The first is getting bitten by a snake. YIKES!

A recent study mapped out the most common dreams from around the world using Google search data and had a specialist in dream analysis speak to what they may represent, such as lack of self-confidence or embarrassment of failure.

University of Colorado’s Study (Dental Irritation & Dreams):

It was found that most people who dreamt of tooth loss “were significantly more anxious and depressed, had lower ego strength, were less satisfied with their lives, felt they had less control over their lives, and felt helpless more often than the control subjects who dreamt of flight,” according to researchers Naama Rozen and Nirit Soffer-Dudek.

They went on to say that “dreams of teeth falling out or rotting, is one of the most common and universal typical dream themes, yet their source remains unknown and they have rarely been studied empirically. They tracked the dream themes, dental irritation records, psychological distress, and sleep quality of young adults with dental irritation being the main criteria that could cause these types of dreams”.

Why are dreams about tooth loss so common?

There are connections between repetitive dreams and PTSD, anxiety, and depression especially if you have dental irritation which is easy to fixate on. As bizarre as this kind of dream may seem, it makes a lot of sense as it can be related to your periods of growth, personal challenges, your overall health and well-being. These dreams are not dependent or independent of religion or cultural circumstances or historical components as even ancient Greeks would talk about dreams of tooth loss.

How can I Interpret the reason for my Tooth Loss Dreams?

1. Personal Loss- If you lost your job, home, partner, or loved one.
2. Stress/Anxiety- Uncontrolled stress evolves into physical reactions like dreams.
3. Your faith- If you are worried about your future or you are questioning your faith it will lead to tooth loss.
4. Major life changes- Anticipation can cause scenarios that have a huge impact on your subconscious.
5. Depression- Long-term feelings of guilt, loneliness, or hopelessness can cause negative dreams because of poor valuing of yourself.
6. Jealousy- This can affect your subconscious negatively leading to delusional dreaming.
7. Teeth Breaking- Dreaming about an event where you or someone you know recently broke or lost a tooth.
8. Poor Personal Health- If you aren’t eating healthily or exercising regularly your personal health and sleep quality will decline. These tooth loss dreams signify you’re not taking care of yourself.
9. Growing new teeth- For younger children, it’s common to have dreams about their new adult teeth. Kids are quite curious about losing and getting new teeth.
10. Teeth Grinding- Grinding your teeth can lead to dreams about you losing them.