Celebrities With Less Than Perfect Smiles

We’re all human… Just because their smiles are lacking doesn’t mean yours has to!


This “material girl” (lol) has always been known for playing by her own rules- tooth gap and all! It is very hard to miss and she quickly became recognizable for the gap between her two front teeth. Now it is hard to imagine her without it.

Steve Buscemi

This actor is very well known for his bad teeth. So well known that he doesn’t want to get them fixed for fear of losing potential acting gigs- crazy right? Even though some prominent actors survive Hollywood with bad teeth it is not something you’d like to be known for!

Willem Dafoe

Similarly to Madonna, Willem Dafoe has a big gap in his front teeth. They both look like they could definitely benefit from Invisalign!  But not these superstars, Willem is so very proud of his gap that he actually made a short film discussing it. He mentions how he “stubbornly” refuses to get them fixed!

Kristen Dunst

Kristens teeth are often discussed during talk shows, interviews and other media appearances. Specifically, her incisors are quite misaligned. Sofia Coppola (a prominent film director) once told her to never get them fixed! It seems as if she heeded the advice because in upcoming roles she refused to rectify them- now that’s confidence!

Johnny Depp

Last but certainly not least is Johnny Depp! He tops the list not only because of his bad teeth, but how he managed to let them deteriorate so rapidly. This man was a young heart throb, but quickly turned into a hot mess. With a nasty divorce in 2015, followed by getting gold caps for his teeth (as opposed to attempting to fix the problems). We do not advice these poor dental habits- they could cost you a lot more in the future!

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