Why Choose Invisalign vs Braces in London Ontario

Hey London!

Invisalign vs Braces. Learn more about the future of dentistry and leave braces in the past. Invisalign has now been around for 20 years! They have made massive strides with their clear aligners. Today, many orthodontic treatments involve Invisalign because it is an invisible, comfortable solution and an effective alternative to wired braces. They have become the golden standard for a less invasive teeth correction. 

Benefits of Invisalign

  • Remove the gaps in your teeth by correcting alignment!
  • A virtually invisible way of achieving your smile dreams.

Braces involve putting wires, elastics and small metal adhesions to your teeth. This can result in discomfort plus abrasions on the tongue and lips. Not to mention they are way more noticeable, meaning everyone will know you are aligning your teeth. Braces can also take a very long time, and you may need to get them replaced. Plus you constantly get food particles stuck in them- yuck!

Invisalign on the other hand uses clear aligners! That way they are unnoticeable and cause less complications. No random cuts or abrasions, no food getting caught in the wires, and nobody has to know you are correcting the alignment of your pearly whites! Invisalign tends to be a quicker treatment cycle, meaning you can achieve your ideal smile faster. Smile with confidence knowing the most advanced and reliable form of alignment is being used. 

DSD with Invisalign

At Sbenati Dentistry, we are proud to be one of only two certified DSD clinics in Ontario. This means we will always deliver a predictable result. Let us completely remove the anxiety of spending money on your smile. Any doubts will be removed through our intensive care process. We create digital renderings of your new smile, and as you can see below, we allow you to test drive as well. Would you spend money on a car without trying it out? We think your smile should be the same. 

Test drive your new smile

No guessing… No Anxiety… Just Beauty!​