Cleaning Teeth Through the Ages

Discover a quick history of how humans through history kept their teeth clean!
Directly below you will find a video of Dr. Halim Sbenati discussing the topic.

Find out the creative ways our ancestors kept their teeth clean!


It was common through history to utilize much more of the animal than we do today. This could mean using feathers, quills and even small bones as toothpicks!


Chew Sticks

The earliest chew sticks have been traced back to 3500 BC! That is nearly SIX THOUSAND years ago. These were close to what we call toothbrushes today. The end of the stick is freyed and acheived a similar effect to brushing the teeth. Some of the plants used even had fluoride properties!

Hog Hair

Similarly to chew sticks, hog hair was used as one of the first toothbrushes that resembles what we have today. They can be traced back to the Tang dynasty in China nearly 1400 years ago!

Oyster Shells

Many cultures attempted to whiten their teeth. The Egyptians developed a powder from crushed eggshells to the ashes of ox hooves (crazy right?). Not until the Greeks and Romans came along did any sense of real whitening occur. They updated these ancient recipes with oyster shells! 

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