Covid-19 and the Dentist: What to Expect

The Covid-19 pandemic has posed challenges for many people to take care of their Dental health. This does not include stress induced issues like teeth grinding. It is important for patients to understand that oral health is still of the utmost importance, and a healthy mouth can actually reduce the chance of more severe outcomes of the virus of Covid- 19. Your safety is the priority.
Here are some key takeaways from the following article:

  • Your oral health is still very important even during the pandemic
  • Dentists believe dental care is health care, and therefore will treat anyone regardless of predispositions and vaccination status
  • Dentists are trained in infection, control and sterilization in order to keep patients safe with or without the pandemic of Covid- 19
  • As Dentists, we can not share staff’s vaccination status. It is important to note that Dentists and their staff did get earlier access to the vaccinations due to being in health care

Our Covid- 19 Protocols

Many studies have shown that having good oral hygiene reduces your risk of infection and more serious outcomes with Covid-19. This is why dental offices never closed during the pandemic, though we do understand hesitancy from vulnerable populations. Sbenati Dentistry has implemented stringent Covid-19 protocols since the beginning of the pandemic to ensure every single patient’s safety. It is important to resume your regular appointments so that we can identify problems early, before they becomes larger, more painful and more expensive. After the year we’ve all had, the last thing we want patients to deal with is oral issues.
We are committed to your safety during your appointment, as all dentists are. There is an updated safety guideline from the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario that must be followed. Below is an outline of what you can expect at your dental visit:

  • controlled entrance- The schedule has been adjusted so that patients do not have to spend unnecessary time in and around entrances. This reduces the instances where spread can occur.
  • screening- You can expect some screening questions to be sent to your email prior to the appointment, or if that isn’t possible we can simply screen you at the door. This ensures symptomatic people are taking the proper precautions before entrance.
  • masks- You will be asked to wear a mask during your visit, if you do not have one we can provide it. There are obviously times where you need to remove the mask, but not to worry we are trained in PPE use and will be protected. We will be wearing more PPE than normal.
  • vaccination- Dentists are not at liberty to share their vaccination status, though most clinics were fast tracked through vaccination due to their exposure to the general public during the pandemic.
  • hand washing- Patients will be asked to utilize hand sanitizer upon entry and exit of the clinic.
  • payment- make the proper plans to pay with contactless payment and tap if necessary. Apple pay is a good and secure way of utilizing your debit or credit card without having to touch the terminal itself. Not to worry though, as the terminal is disinfected between every patient.

From everyone here at Sbenati Dentistry and dental clinics crossed the country, we thank you for continuing to keep us and our office safe, as we do the same for you.
Source: Ontario Dental Association

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