Is Covid Stress Causing More Teeth Grinding ?

As much as 8% of adults grind their teeth, but many do not understand the long term effects.

Grinding can be caused by stress and also genetics. A lot of people grind their teeth due to stress and anxiety, while some individuals with seemingly small levels of stress grind as well. This is where genetics comes in.

For those who grind their teeth due to stress, Covid-19 is definitely a factor. Increases in stress have happened for nearly every single person during this pandemic, sparing nobody. By that logic, Covid-19 stress is definitely causing more severe teeth grinding in individuals who already did, and even some new cases of grinding in individuals who did not grind their teeth prior to the pandemic.

It is well documented that grinding applies a heavy and unnatural amount of force to the teeth. This can lead to small cracks, chips and even larger issues. Grinding can generate over 1,000 pounds per square inch of pressure! For reference when humans chew we generate around 200-300 pounds of pressure. This grinding usually happens for a total of 1 hour per night. As you can see, this can have lasting negative effects on the teeth and the jaw.

Grinding effects multiple teeth at once. The tooth get’s softer after your break through the original layer of enamel. Underneath that layer is dentin. Dentin is much weaker and softer than enamel. Over time the damage will become beyond repair, and will need crowns to fix them. Since grinding effects multiple teeth, the cost can quickly add up.

The cheaper option is to identify these issues early on. Regular checkups with us can help diagnose grinding early, and provide you with a night guard to combat the damage done to the teeth. Night guards are a much more cost effective option, and can save you thousands in the long run.

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