Daylight Savings and Oral Health

Daylight savings

Daylight savings is a great reminder to visit your dentist! But don’t just take our word for it. The Ontario Dental Association (ODA) recommends this personally! We roll our clocks forward because it is getting lighter throughout the day, this is a perfect time to revisit your oral health care routine. Keep scrolling for some details about spring.

Spring is here!

Spring time means spring cleaning for most! A spring cleaning at the dental office is in order as well. We know spring represents so many different things. It is a renewal of the seasons, daylight, flowers, greenery and overall beauty! Let us take care of your oral health and cleaning, so all you have to worry about is your home. 


Daylight savings is early in the year. A benefit to making regular visits to the dentist is finding issues early as well! Small issues can grow into large ones without the care of a dental professional. So not only can you save some daylight this Sunday, but you can save yourself future time, money and pain! Finding oral issues early usually means minimal treatments to solve the problem, whereas finding them late could mean more visits, more time and more money spent!

No more smokes!

As no smoking day has just passed (the second Wednesday of March) now is also the perfect time to put down the cigarettes and breathe in some fresh spring air! People who smoke are three times more likely to have severe periodontitis (gum disease) than non-smokers! Get healthy today and put your oral health first. 

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