Everything you’ll want to know about Dental Crowns

There have been a lot of questions about dental crowns, their different types, What they are exactly, When do I need them, and how much they cost.

Although it isn’t the only way to restore the shape, look, and function of a damaged tooth, crowns are an innovative solution that provides you the same benefits of a healthy natural tooth, while looking indistinguishable from your other tooth.

There are different crown treatments available to you and we want to empower you with every possible option.


Crowns look Just like your other Teeth

Crowns are usually made when a tooth’s structure is compromised (such as root canals or tooth fracture, chipped teeth). They are made of ceramic material. You can think of a dental crown as a cap – or quite literally a crown – placed on top of a damaged tooth.

Since crowns mimic the way your teeth look and work, they’ve become one of the most popular solutions to fixing damaged teeth.

At Sbenati Dentistry we know how a chipped or broken tooth can be a major annoyance and can really get in the way of your confidence in your smile. During your consultation, we take detailed photographs of your teeth to help you determine what the best option is for you.

In both cases the process for fitting a custom crown crown is quite simple:

1. We treat the damaged tooth by cleaning any decay or damage and shaping it so the crown can sit comfortably on top of your tooth. You want your crown to match your lifestyle, so it is always custom-fitted to your unique tooth structure.
2. Once the tooth has been shaped, iTero technology is used to take scans of your mouth before sending it to the lab to have your crown created uniquely for your mouth.
3. While the lab is crafting your crown you’ll be given a temporary crown to wear for two weeks.
4. When you come in for your final visit, your custom crown will be placed on your tooth.

Dental Crowns are a simple and elegant option to restore any damage that happens to a tooth’s surface. To learn more click here: