Four Habits That Wreck Your Teeth in 2022

Bad habits come in all shapes and sizes, and bad dental practices are among the worst.  Sure, brushing and flossing are good habits, but it could all be overrun by these four little bad habits that we do for all the good they do.

Bad habits #1 Grinding our teeth

Whether your awake or asleep grinding your teeth is a clear sign of stress, and although it may relieve immediate symptoms of anxiety, it could cause severe abnormalities in the mouth, or you may even lose a tooth or two.

Bad habit #2 Nail Biting

Much like grinding your teeth, nail-biting is stress-induced behavior that causes chipped teeth and Jaw dysfunction, not to mention ruining a perfectly good manicure. Keeping your hands busy with a hobby that uses your hands is an excellent way to keep your fingers out of your mouth and your teeth from chipping.

Bad habit #3 Using your teeth as tools.

While carrying three bags of groceries in your mouth may have seemed like a good idea at the time, it is a bad habit to use your teeth as a go-to item when you need a pair of scissors, pliers, or hands. Not only is it gross to open a bag of food with your teeth, but it is also a bad dental habit… don’t do it. We have tools for a reason.

Bad habit #3 Picking your teeth with whatever is handy,

Though flossing is right for your teeth, cleaning your teeth out with a 6-inch steak knife is not. Foreign objects like old business cards used straws, and dirty pocket knives are anything but sterile items to be poking around in your mouth. You could easily puncture your gums with one of these less than sanitary objects leading to infection. Dental Floss has one job, and you should use it to do that job.

We are all creatures of habit.

The trick is to stick more with good habits than bad.