Hollywood Smile – Do Celebrities Have Veneers?

Many people see celebrities on TV walking the red with so much poise and confidence and wish they could just have their attractive looks and beautiful smile. The truth is that the Hollywood smile is probably one of the biggest reasons why we’re so amazed by the looks of these Hollywood stars whenever we see them on our screens. The good thing is that you can get bright white, gap-free, and perfectly aligned teeth that are typical of Hollywood celebrities too.

Getting dental veneers is one of the surefire ways to enjoy bright and beautiful, Hollywood-standard smiles. It is one of the fastest ways to transform your smile, using completely tailor-made solutions customized to your facial features and specific preferences. Actors, models, and other celebrities have such an attractive look thanks to their Hollywood star smiles.

Do Hollywood stars use porcelain veneers?

Have you ever wondered or asked questions like “Do actors get porcelain veneers?” or “which celebrities have porcelain veneers?” Yes, the rumours are true. Many celebrities have perfect teeth today thanks to cosmetic procedures like dental veneers. There are many examples of top celebrities in Hollywood that have gotten dental veneers at some point. The long list includes actors like Tom Cruise, Miley Cyrus, Zac Effron, George Clooney, Cardi B, and Jordyn Woods.

Some Hollywood stars are even more open about the dental makeovers they have undergone and have mentioned it in an Interview. Real Housewives star, Nene Leakes for instance once mentioned how porcelain veneers made a world of difference for her, giving her a flawless smile.
Actress Chrissy Teigen also once mentioned how her perfectly pearly white teeth are man made. She revealed during an interview how she used to be a notorious teeth-grinder which chipped off some parts of her front teeth, making them some millimeters shorter. She had to get porcelain veneers to correct it.
Getting cosmetic dentistry procedures is not a new thing in Hollywood and dental veneers are just one of those little things celebrities do to enhance their look. Interestingly, this isn’t a recent fad. As far back as the 1900s, celebrities used temporary dental veneers on movie sets while filming as a way to transform their appearance. Back then they were quite expensive and only served a temporary purpose.
Fortunately, thanks to the advancement of dental technology, porcelain veneers have become more durable and more efficient for achieving a perfect smile. When the procedure is done by a skilled dentist, you can expect it to last for several years with no issues whatsoever. Even better, modern porcelain veneers are custom-made for your teeth so it doesn’t look obvious or fake. The good thing is that anyone -not just celebrities- can achieve healthier and better-looking teeth with a more attractive smile thanks to veneers.

Is Hollywood smile a dental veneer?

Just to be clear, the Hollywood Smile isn’t exactly a veneer. Rather, it is a comprehensive dental procedure aimed at correcting various aesthetic and functional problems relating to an individual’s smile. Of course, the procedure focuses on the use of dental veneers to conceal dental problems such as discoloration, misalignment, and chipping. However, this total smile makeover using state-of-the-art dental cosmetic technology may involve other procedures as well such as teeth whitening, crowns and dental implants.

So contrary to popular belief that the Hollywood Smile procedure is just another type of veneer, it isn’t. However, a veneer is one of the most important steps in getting a total makeover for your ideal smile. It is also the least invasive of all the procedures and is the common go-to solution that celebrities turn to achieve a natural-looking enhanced smile.

So how many teeth is a Hollywood smile procedure going to involve?

The answer to that depends on your unique situation. It is possible to get Hollywood smile veneers for just one tooth and you may get them for several teeth at the same time. Getting a perfect Hollywood Smile makeover may also include other dental treatments such as teeth whitening, dental crowns, dental implants and bridges. It all depends on the condition of your teeth at the moment and of course, how much you want to spend on your dental treatment.

How is the procedure of the Hollywood smile?

So how does this Hollywood smile treatment work? As mentioned, the Hollywood Smile is a cosmetic dental treatment aimed at correcting aesthetic problems. It is specially focused on the use of dental veneers because it is one of the simplest, most effective, and stable ways to correct misalignment, discoloration, and chipping issues. It helps to achieve a natural teeth look and promises extensive longevity.

A dental veneer is a thin shell that looks a lot like the front side of your teeth. It can be made from porcelain or composite material with the former being the more durable of these two. A dentist will attach a porcelain veneer to your natural teeth to hide any flaws and imperfections, restoring your beautiful smile in the simplest way possible.

Veneers have to be personalized for your teeth to make them look as perfect as possible. This means the dental professional has to make an impression on your mouth and prepare a custom-made porcelain veneer based on the model. These days, thanks to modern technology the smile makeover process has become simpler than ever. Using Computer-Aided Design and Computer Aided Modeling technology, dentists can take images or footage from your mouth using a specialized device and use software to generate a 3D model of the perfect veneer for you. Once the design is ready, your porcelain veneer is printed out right away.

Consult a professional on dental veneers

Getting the right fit like this is important in achieving a Hollywood Smile. Poorly fitted veneers will look too obvious and fake. Even worse, it can affect the health of your teeth and gum. This is why it is important to never compromise quality especially when it comes to getting veneers for your teeth. To ensure that you get the best results, our dentists always make sure to adequately prepare your teeth for your veneers. The dentists in our dental offices will check your teeth for cavities and inflammation. If treatment is required, they will do this first and ensure your teeth are as healthy as possible before commencing your Hollywood smile procedure. Since veneers are semi-permanent (temporary but long-lasting). The procedure must be done right the first time to avoid any issues down the line. Also, after the procedure, you need to follow recommendations regarding your oral hygiene and general dental care to maintain your pearly Hollywood Smile.

Conclusion about Hollywood Smile

We must emphasize that the success and longevity of a procedure like this depend on how well it is done, to begin with. This is why you should always consult with a trusted and certified professional for the best possible results.

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