How Does Digital Smile Design Work?

You won’t find this anywhere else on the web!! Read more information below on how Sbenati Dentistry uses DSD to deliver a predictable dream smile every single time.

Step 1- We Listen

We analyze every aspect of your smile. From how it compliments your facial structure to your talking patterns. From your unique lip movements to the social aspects of your smile in conjunction with the face. We combine this analysis with a cohesive team that listens to what pains you, and builds upon those points.

STEP 2- We Plan

Using the technical aspects gather above through digital photography and video- we create a custom treatment plan catered to you. This way there is no surprises through the process. Complete visibility means less anxiety and a more fulfilling result.

Step 3- You Test

Once we create your custom treatment plan through extensive digital rendering, we can create a model. This working model can be inserted into the mouth, and used to display your smile transformation in advance. This allows full visibility and predictability. Removing the guess-work allows our clients to not only be confident in their new smile, but be confident in the upcoming treatment. See a smile test drive below!

Test drive your new smile

No guessing… No Anxiety… Just Beauty!​

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STEP 4- We Treat

After your complete satisfaction with the smile test drive (as you can see above even the test drive displays a transformation) we move on to the proposed treatment plan. This plan combines all previous factors and delivers a predictable experience every time.

Step 5- You Smile

Last but definitely not least is you showing off that new smile. Many people experience self-concious thoughts about their smile. Through the transformation of your teeth, facial structure and overall oral beauty these thoughts begin to dissolve. There is nothing we love more than seeing a happy, confident patient. Click Read More to check out why we have so many awesome Google Reviews.

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