How Long Do Teeth Veneers Last?

A dental veneer is a simple but effective solution for a wide range of teeth issues. People get veneer to conceal chipped, broken, or discolored teeth. It can also be used to correct natural teeth gaps and misshapes in order to restore your beautiful smile. While a procedure like this is beneficial in a lot of ways, as with any dental procedure, you’re probably wondering how long the results will last. Read on to find out how long teeth veneers last and what you need to know to prolong the lifespan of this procedure.

Can dental veneers last your whole life?

No, dental veneers don’t last for your entire life. It is a long-lasting but temporary fix for various dental issues. Porcelain veneers are considered one of the most reliable procedures in cosmetic dentistry. However, it doesn’t last forever.

On average, Porcelain veneer’s longevity can last for up to 20 years. Composite resin veneers on the other hand have an average lifespan of 7-10 years. The specific lifespan depends on various factors, especially the type of veneer you get and how well you maintain it.

According to a study published in the Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry, the survival probability of porcelain laminate veneers was found to be about 0.976 over 7 years. This indicates a high survival rate of 98%. Although the survival rate does drop to 0.882 in 14 years, it is still considerably high. The conclusion of this study indicates that “Porcelain laminate veneers offer a predictable and successful restoration”. Generally, one can expect a survival probability of up to 93.5% over a 10 years duration.

The porcelain veneer longevity is greater than composite veneers. Another study looked at the longevity of direct composite resin veneers. It was found that the 10-year survival rate was about 78%. The study also found that the survival rate of direct composite resin veneers was significantly lower than that of Porcelain laminate veneers.

How often do dental veneers need to be replaced?

So how often will you have to replace porcelain veneers? The answer to that depends on the type of veneers you get and how long this type of veneers last. Generally, they are of two types and the most reliable of these two options is the porcelain veneer.

Porcelain veneers

Porcelain is a thin and translucent material that delivers impressive results for correcting various dental issues. It is typically custom-made for your natural teeth which is probably why it lasts for so long. Experts predict an average survival duration of up to 10 years or longer for Porcelain veneers with very minimal maintenance.
In one study which involves 84 people with porcelain veneers, the procedure was found to have lasted for up to 20 years without replacement. In the majority of cases where shorter longevity was reported, it was usually because the natural teeth were not properly prepared before the procedure.

How long do composite veneers last?

The other type of veneer you can get is composite veneers or resin-based veneers. This type of veneer has a significantly shorter survival duration. According to a report from 2018, you can expect to get an average of 5 years or more from composite veneers. This type of veneer costs less to get compared to porcelain which is why they don’t last as long as well.

No-prep veneers

Another variety of veneers that have become quite popular in recent times is same-day veneers or no-prep veneers. As the name suggests, this type of veneer does not require intensive prep before it is installed on the natural teeth. They’re made from porcelain material and the only difference between them and the traditional veneer procedure is that you don’t have to wear a temporary veneer or return for a second consultation. When done properly, they can last for 10 to 20 years before they need replacement.

Do Porcelain veneers fall off easily?

No. Veneers don’t fall off easily. If they’re probably installed, you should be able to go through your normal daily life without worrying about your veneers falling off for several years. Of course, how long it’ll last in the long run depends on various factors:

What can affect the lifespan of Porcelain laminate veneers?

  • The state of your natural teeth before the veneer installation
  • The veneer materials; generally, porcelain veneers last longer than composite veneers.
  • Your dental hygiene: you need to maintain good oral hygiene to ensure the health of your teeth even after getting veneers.
  • Brushing daily and flossing regularly are recommended. Dental checkups and cleaning are also important.
  • Wear a mouthguard to protect your teeth especially if you play contact sports
  • Avoid grinding your teeth as this can put pressure on your veneers and damage it.
  • Do not use your teeth as a tool for opening bottles and other similar uses.
  • Be careful with what you hit. Avoid biting hard on hard foods

Do dental veneers stay white?

People who get veneers often wonder if veneers stay white for a long time and they might want to know how veneers become discolored. If you’re getting porcelain veneers, the good thing is that they don’t get discolored or stained. You only need to worry about discoloration if you’re getting composite resin. Porcelain veneers are not porous which is why they’re unlikely to absorb pigment or lose color

This type stains more easily, especially when you expose it too often to pigmented drinks like coffee, soda, tea, or red wine. Smoking can also lead to discolouration in composite resin veneer. If your teeth are discoloured already before getting veneers, the cosmetic dentist would typically tailor the veneer to match the shade of white of your current teeth. This way, the veneer blends in and looks as natural as possible.

What happens to porcelain dental veneers when you get old?

People often wonder what happens to the veneer as they get old or ask questions like “Can veneer last 30 years?”. At the maximum, porcelain veneer lasts for as long as 20 years. Throughout this time, it will provide support for your teeth and brighten your smile. With time, the veneer may begin to weaken and you will need to get it replaced by a professional.

When to replace your dental veneers. (Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Dental Veneers)

So how do you know when it’s time to have your porcelain veneers replaced? There are some signs to look out for. At Sbenati Dentistry, specialists in cosmetic dentistry we recommend that you will need to get your porcelain veneers replaced if any of the following occurs:

  • The veneers are cracked, chipped, or worn down with age: despite their durability, even porcelain veneers can crack or break if handled roughly. Also, they start to wear out after about 10 years or more. In these cases, getting a new one is necessary.
  • The tooth underneath the veneer is decayed: the veneer can start separating from the teeth it is attached to if the tooth is weak or decayed.
  • The wrong size of veneers was installed in the first place
  • If the dental veneer was not installed properly, they are likely to fall off.

Can you get porcelain veneers twice?

Yes, you can get your porcelain veneer replaced multiple times. As long as the natural tooth underneath is still healthy and strong, a cosmetic dentist can install new porcelain veneers to replace the original one when it is old or broken.  Porcelain veneers are a cosmetic dental treatment that can give you a bright, white smile. The veneers are thin pieces of porcelain that are bonded to the front of your teeth. They are an ideal solution for people who have natural tooth discoloration or wear and tear on their tooth enamel. Porcelain veneers are not permanent, and they will eventually need to be replaced. However, you can usually get them redone several times before you need to consider other options. The lifespan of your veneers will depend on how well you take care of them and how strong your underlying tooth is.
If you are considering getting porcelain veneers, it is important to consult with a qualified cosmetic dentist. We will be able to assess your individual needs and determine if porcelain veneers are the best option for you. Some doctors use composite veneers. Composite veneers are made from tooth-colored resin and are bonded to the front of your teeth in the same way as porcelain veneers. However, they are not as durable as porcelain veneers and may only last for five


Dental veneers are meant to last for several years as long as it was probably done in the first place. This is why consulting a reliable and trusted cosmetic dentist is important when you need to get porcelain veneers. They’ll ensure the procedure is done properly for the best results. For the best porcelain veneers procedure in London Ontario, visit our cosmetic dentistry clinic to discuss with our expert dentist and find out if veneers are right for you.

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