How To Choose The Best Veneer Option For You? Part 2

In fact, dental veneers are the most popular cosmetic dentistry surgery in London, Ontario, in large part because they resemble and feel like your own natural teeth. Although veneers are relatively simple to use—they consist of thin porcelain shells cemented to the front of your teeth—there are countless variations available. The procedure is made simpler by having a knowledgeable cosmetic dentist; picking the ideal veneer is just as crucial as picking the ideal cosmetic dentist.

Are Teeth Catalogs Recommended By Dr. Sbenati?

Dr. Sbenati emphasizes that the notion of selecting different teeth to match various occasions is a misconception, as there isn’t a diverse range of faces for you to synchronize with on different days. Therefore, the meticulously crafted veneers are uniquely tailored to fit your teeth and facial structure. Their design process revolves around essential factors: the central alignment of your face, the position of your pupils, the width of your smile, and the visibility of your gums. An intricate web of considerations comes into play, accommodating whether your face is elongated or slightly shorter, or even if it bears a square contour. These nuances play a pivotal role in the final appearance of your veneers. Consequently, the notion of perusing a predetermined veneer catalog to handpick your desired smile becomes obsolete. Instead, the true essence lies in the skill of your cosmetic dentist and their artistry in customizing the veneers to harmonize with your unique features. This intricate orchestration results in veneers that not only enhance your dental aesthetics but also resonate remarkably with your individuality, presenting a flawless and captivating image.

In the realm of veneers, individuality reigns supreme. Dr. Sbenati’s insights unveil the truth that there’s no catalog of veneers to peruse. Each veneer is a bespoke masterpiece designed to illuminate your distinct beauty. The magic lies in the hands of your cosmetic dentist, crafting veneers that seamlessly integrate with your facial intricacies. Ready to begin? Reach out to us at [519-474-0220] or click this link to embark on a consultation: [Book your dental consultation here!]. Your extraordinary smile, like an artistic veneer, awaits its revelation. 

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