Is World Oral Health Day 2022 The Most Important One Ever?

World Oral Health Day (WOHD) happens on March 20th every year and this year is more important than ever. The event is organized by the FDI World Dental Federation as the largest global awareness campaign on Oral Health. The WOHD spreads messages around good oral health practices for all ages and their importance for optimal oral health when striving for great overall health.

World Oral Health Day

Many of us throughout COVID-19 have developed behaviors and habits that are detrimental to our own overall oral health which makes proper dental care more of a priority. The Delta Dental Oral Health and Wellness Survey in 2022 were conducted in the last 2 months with thousands of US adults’ behaviors and habits being factored in.

So why will most adults in North America and beyond be prioritizing their dental care in 2022 and visiting the dentist? Check out the rest of our blog for all the fast facts.

How has the COVID-19 pandemic influenced dental care?

This day comes at the perfect time with the recent survey having come out by Delta Dental showing that; 74% of US adults credit the pandemic with making them even more aware of their health and 86% of US adults agreeing that their oral health is essential for their overall health.

What are the top dental concerns that have come from COVID-19?

According to the survey, most adults faced more dental issues than the previous years including an increase in dental cavities which was an even bigger issue in Canada due to the extended lockdowns and capacity issues. It is really important to get regular dental cleanings to prevent plaque build-up in-between your teeth which can lead to cavities.

It was also found that a large majority of Americans had to overcome the pain that was linked to toothaches (74% of US) and teeth sensitivity (67%). These percentages increased by 7 and 8% respectively over previous years. This has primarily been linked to issues with Teeth Grinding leading to chipped teeth, TMD, jaw pain, and sore teeth. This has been further linked to increased stress levels I.e. concern over staying alive, financial needs, people losing their jobs, and worrying about their family’s well-being.

Joseph Dill, DDS, MBA, Vice President of Dental Science, Delta Dental Plans Association had this to say about Oral Health: The health of our bodies is not independent of the health of our mouths. We have a clearer understanding of the significant impact our oral health has on our overall health. As we elevate our awareness of the fundamental role of good oral health, we can better appreciate the value in making dental care a priority in our daily routines, In our annual Oral Health and Wellness Survey, it’s encouraging to find that most adults plan to prioritize their oral health this year.”

How can I improve my overall & oral health?

1. Listen to the advice that the FDI World Dental Federation releases this year.
2. Stop grinding your teeth by becoming a more relaxed person (getting a custom-made bruxism night guard will help your teeth as well). Stress leads to heart disease.
3. Return to your dentist for semi-annual exams and dental cleaning.
4. Brush your teeth after your floss and use an antiseptic oral rinse.
5. Stay disciplined and consistent with your oral health routine (flossing isn’t fun but neither are cavities).

On behalf of everyone at Sbenati Dentistry in London Ontario, we hope this World Oral Health Day contributes to reducing the negative impact of the pandemic. We’re more than happy to discuss any Oral Health concerns you have, come in and see us today.