iTero Scan vs. Uncomfortable Dental Impressions

Find out how Sbenati Dentistry eliminates the discomfort!

Remember that awful feeling?

We all know one of the most uncomfortable aspects of visiting the dentist. Filling your mouth with a foamy alginate material and hard, plastic trays. Many people worry about their gag reflex as the foam moves to the back of their mouth and slips down their throat. This is very common! Since your dentist probably reclines your chair, the chances of this foam sliding back into your throat is very high. People deal with enough stress going to their dentist, the added anxiety and discomfort of taking impressions can make it even worse!

Say goodbye to discomfort! and welcome in itero!

Welcome in the iTero digital impression scanner. At Sbenati Dentistry we have been using this method for some time now, and our patients love it. It is less invasive, more comfortable and provides visibility into the inside of your mouth. As you can see to the right, the digital scan allows for the patient to view the result on a screen! There is less discomfort and more room for education to take place. At Sbenati Dentistry, Dr. Halim Sbenati will walk you through the scans and show you what is going on in your mouth!

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