A clear connection Oral Health and Your Heart in 2022

Brush your teeth!  Floss! And use mouth wash!

The Worldwide Dental Mantra for Oral Health

It isn’t that your Dentist is obsessed with beautiful pearly whites. They are genuinely concerned for your overall health, and poor oral health could be an indicator of much bigger problems with your overall health.

Heart Disease is a huge factor when poor health is seen in your mouth.  Bacteria runs rapid in a poorly maintained mouth, which affects the blood vessels which affects the heart.  Have you ever wondered why it is suggested to put glycerol tablets under the tongue for patients suffering from a heart attack?

It is the fastest way to get the medicine to your heart by absorption under the tongue.  Now imagine that all the harmful bacteria in your mouth have a direct line as well.

A national study of Canadians Between the ages of 36 and 69 with severe gum disease had between three to seven times the risk of fatal coronary heart disease.

Respiratory Disorders, Diabetes, and even Pregnancy can all present complications when our oral health is compromised.  So, the next time we tell you to Brush your teeth!

Floss! And use mouth wash! Understand that we are your health care professional working to maintain more than what goes on in your mouth.

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