Saving or Pulling Your Teeth In 2023 ?

Saving or Pulling ?

When your tooth becomes infected or diseased, you may think that the most cost-effective and easiest thing to do would be to have the tooth pulled. But your natural teeth play a much more significant role in your oral health than sitting there looking pretty. Here are a few things you should consider before having that tooth removed.

Natural Teeth are stronger.

Technology and materials have come a long way, but fabricated teeth will never have the same strength as your natural teeth.

The Domino Effect 

Your mouth is a bit OCD when it comes to gaps in the gums. 

Pulling a tooth will cause the surrounding teeth to shift that will cause problems with chewing and bite alignment, which equals pain, poor nutrition, and reduced quality of life.

It will make you look old.

Pulling a tooth also means pulling roots that support the Jaw. 

This collapses the bone, often making people appear older than they are.

It will cost more in the long run.

While pulling a tooth is cheaper in the beginning, if you choose to have the tooth replaced, it will cost more time and money, and if you don’t replace it, the physical and emotional costs will be higher. Though there may be some cases where Your dentist cannot save the tooth, it is good to understand your options. 

Here at Sbenati Dentistry, we make sure all of our patients are educated and informed about their options before making a decision.