When Should I See an Emergency Dentist?

If you clicked on this article, maybe you’re having a dental emergency or perhaps you’re curious about if you should see an emergency dentist.

An emergency dentist appointment is applicable for any concern that needs immediate attention because of unbearable pain.  Possibly you’re losing a tooth, requiring dental surgery like an extraction, you’re in severe pain, your tooth has become infected, or another urgent situation that requires immediate scheduling.

If you are in need of an emergency dentist near London, Ontario, contact Sbenati Dentistry (519-474-0220) immediately so we can help.

When should I see an emergency dentist?

According to the Canadian Dental Association, a dental emergency can be a toothache, chipped/broken tooth, knocked out tooth, badly bitten lip or tongue, lost filling, or having something stuck between your teeth.  You should see an emergency dentist if you are losing a tooth, and depending on the severity of the issue (bleeding, inflammation, or severe pain), it can definitely be considered a dental emergency.  Severe pain in your mouth may be caused by bleeding of an oral cavity, a root canal, a chipped or broken tooth, and/or a tooth infection that may be growing into an abscess.

There are many other reasons for a dental emergency, which likely will fall into the categories of infection, severe pain, or tooth loss.

What happens at an emergency dentist appointment?

Dental emergencies can sneak up on you faster and sneakier than your dog or cat when you wake up in the morning.  For example, if you need to get a tooth extracted your dentist will try to save it with a root canal or crown and only pull the tooth if it is absolutely necessary.  But you could wake up one day and end up losing a tooth as a result of a dental emergency.  Sometimes an emergency dental appointment will be needed when wisdom teeth become severely impacted and there is too much pain to wait for the next available appointment.  In other situations, a painful tooth may not be a sign of anything serious.  It could simply mean a quick filling or cavity cleaning due to food being caught in a tight crevice.

When they do happen – don’t worry. Give us a call at (519) 474-0220 immediately so we can see you that same day to address your dental emergency.

Upon calling Sbenati Dentistry in London, Ontario:  

1.  You will talk with one of our dental experts about the severity of your pain and they will schedule you in ASAP.

2.  We will perform an x-ray to identify the pain source and to determine if it can be treated right away, or receive a diagnosis to determine the quickest way of treating the issue.

What does an emergency dentist do?

An emergency dentist at Sbenati Dentistry is equipped to handle every possible dental emergency quickly, safely, accurately, and in the most effective way possible.  A dental emergency can also occur without significant pain as a result of a chipped tooth, losing a crown or filling, a mouth sore, repairs of a bridge, dentures, or another issue that can quickly become worse if not treated properly.

Conclusion (Don’t wait – call Sbenati Dentistry)

Sbenati Dentistry is here for any emergency dental needs but if you are not near London Ontario and need help to find an emergency dentist a quick google search for an emergency dentist near me will give you an abundance of options.  If you are still unsure if your dental concern constitutes a dental emergency, give us a call and we can help you determine what is the best course of action for your dental needs.

If you would like to ask our dental clinic in London Ontario any questions about dental emergencies or schedule an appointment you can use our Request An Appointment form, email us at Info@sbenatidentistry.ca, or call at (519)-474-0220.  If you enjoyed this article, check out our other blogs.


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