7 Ways to Prepare for a Successful Back to School Visit

1. Planning

Even though summer means time off for most people, it can still be a very busy time. Between fishing, summer camps, actual camping, vacations and visits from relatives- summer can become quite busy. September tends to sneak up on most people. Don’t let the start of the new school year take you by surprise. August can also be a very busy month for dental clinics due to parents putting off their children’s visits! Plan ahead and book your child’s visit before it is too late.

2. Encourage Good At Home Hygiene

A successful dental visit starts at home. Better hygiene for children is important because they build upon these habits going forward. That is why a solid foundation of oral care when they are young is pertinent. The best checkups for your child (and your wallet) are cavity free checkups! Having regular cleanings and checkups for your children can also help diagnose problems early, saving you money in restorative care later.

3. Timing is Important

Many parents with young children have schedules to keep during the day. This means organizing your appointment around times when your child is best behaved (and rested), resulting in a happy and successful appointment. Every child and family is different, make sure to take into account when you think your child will be able to sit in the chair for some time and have a good experience. Having successful appointments early in their life greatly reduces (or even eliminates) dental anxiety later in life, which many adults to this day experience.

4. First Things First

If you have multiple children, you may want to consider who goes first. We suggest that the most seasoned and least anxious of your children to have their appointment before the others. This child can be a great role model and help top reduce the anxiety of other children by regaling them of his or her successful and stress-free appointment. It is important for this child to lead the others and help them see that there is nothing to fear when visiting the dentist.

5. Hungry = Not Happy

Even though many people try not to eat before their appointment, this may not be good for children. A hungry child (and a lot of adults) is usually a grumpy child. This can contribute to a negative experience at the dentist. You should definitely try to brush before the appointment as this can greatly reduce the amount of time kids have to spend in the chair receiving their cleaning. To that note it is also not recommended to feed your children in the waiting room, we will be cleaning the mouth and it’s good manners to not have fresh garlic breath!

6. Don’t Bring Anxiety

Children are very astute in terms of their sensory environment. Any anxiety you may have as a parent tends to rub off on the children. It is pertinent for you to exhibit calm and controlled behaviour for your child to see and replicate. This can go a long ways toward benefitting your child and having a good appointment. This can also benefit your mental health, which can get drained quickly with more than one child around.

7. Take A Card

Dental emergencies cannot be planned, but they can be prepared for. Grab some business cards so that you are be ready for the unexpected! Grab one for the car, and one for your wallet. It may also be useful to relay the number with the child’s school with their medical information. That way if (God forbid) something were to happen when they are not with you, the school can phone the office. Most offices (like Sbenati Dentistry) creates spaces in the schedule on the off chance that a patient has a dental emergency and needs urgent care.

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