When Should You Take Your Child to the Dentist?

Lots of parents wonder when they should bring their kids in for their first visit. Well let’s remove the mystery! We will look at what many paediatricians have to say about it, and of course their sentiments align with ours. We believe kids should visit the dentist upon the eruption of their very first tooth!

Cavity Prevention

Since young children cannot brush their own teeth just yet, it is up to you – the parent – to take this very important responsibility. A great paediatric dentist can show you how to properly care for your child’s teeth. This can span from feedings habits, brushing and much more. Get a jump start on creating a perfectly healthy mouth for your child.

Milk Teeth Can Cause Issues

Many people believe that since milk teeth are permanent, that they do not matter. This is simply not the case. Young children can develop cavities and may need general anesthesia in order to be treated. This is because young children cannot deal with local anesthesia. We must do all we can to prevent these instances or a trip to a hospitals operating table may be in order. The solution for this is prevention and getting that first dental visit in as soon as possible. Paediatric dentists have special training to identify early signs of decay. Preventative treatments and strategies can be used to get ahead of tooth decay!

Normalize Dental Visits

Many children and even adults have dental anxiety. This can stem from these visits not being normalized in young people. Having routine check-ups from a young age helps to combat this. We have many reviews from parents who have experienced Dr. Sbenati’s amazing care for their children. Having a paediatric dentist that can do so is vital in developing a good dental routine. Waiting until problems arise could cause your child to associate discomfort and negativity with the dental office. This makes things difficult going forward, and usually causes dental anxiety.

The First Tooth

It is understandable that people may think starting with dental visits after the eruption of the first tooth is extreme or too soon. Paediatricians agree that this is the best approach. We can..

  • Pickup and correct issues preventatively before they become larger problems
  • Give pointers on how to properly care for your children’s teeth
  • Help normalize the dental office to set your child up for a future of good oral health

These steps help avoid future dental issues and anxiety. This makes your life as a parent easier, and your child’s oral health future secured. Sbenati Dentistry promises to make your child’s first dental visit exciting, fun and a positive experience you can rely on going forward.

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Let’s develop good oral health habits early, this means less money and visits later on.

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