The Queens Royal Smile

British individuals and their dental hygiene have long been associated with a negative connotation. Nonetheless, her majesty, the Queen, is effectively breaking the negative stereotype with her stunning Royal Smile.

The Secret Behind the Queens Royal Smile

Her namesake Queen Elizabeth I, had nearly pitch-black teeth due to her affection for sugar and would use honey to brush her teeth.

queens royal smile

The Queen Mother grew up in an era when dentistry primarily relied on extracting problem teeth. Despite having better dental care options later in life, she chose not to avail herself of them.

On the other hand, Queen Elizabeth, who is 94 years old, still has all of her teeth and possesses a splendid Queen’s Royal smile.

Her secret to maintaining her dazzling smile has been attributed to professional dental whitening, veneers, and the fact that she wore braces at a young age. This fact was recently uncovered by newspapers while visiting the Royal National ENT and Eastman Dental Hospital new facilities.

During her visit, Elizabeth was shown a set of wire braces by one of the teaching nurses, where she responded, I had wires, luckily a very long time ago. “When a ten-year-old who was being fitted for braces showed her his teeth, she also remarked, I think it’s worth it at the end.”

Dentistry has progressed significantly for Britain and the world over the last fifty years, and the British royal family has embraced modern dental practices, transitioning from blackened teeth brushed with honey to brighter, healthier smiles.

In conclusion

The Queens Royal Smile looks amazing and has kept all her natural teeth despite her advanced age.  She has achieved this using a combination of; Invisalign, porcelain veneers, professional teeth whitening, and other cosmetic dentistry procedures.  She truly is a remarkable example of how at any age you can look and feel your best due to the advancements in dental capabilities.

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