What is the Zoom Effect? How Invisalign Fights It

Since the dawn of this pandemic we have all spent more time in our houses. We have had to adapt to a changing, technological world faster than expected. People are spending more and more time in Zoom calls (video conferences) than ever before. This has caused what is known as the Zoom effect. Cleveland Clinic clinical psychologist Dr. Scott Bea had this to say: We find flaws and they’re amplified because we get to stare at them a lot more,”. The Owner and Doctor of Dental Surgery at Sbenati Dentistry, Dr. Halim Sbenati, makes a point of saying Invisalign can combat issues we have with self-esteem.

Dr. Halim Sbenati continues. More and more people are searching for cosmetic services so that they look more aesthetically pleasing on Zoom calls. This leads people towards Invisalign for a subtle way to correct your teeth. Those on the Zoom call will not even know you are correcting your teeth alignment. We believe improving self-esteem is of the utmost importance. It spirals into positive benefits in other areas like mental and physical health. It is a way to combat what are known as hourly opportunities to scrutinize your appearance through video conferencing softwares like Zoom. Ultimately we knew it was going to be of huge benefit to our customers because Invisalign will save patients time on treatment and give peace of mind because nobody has to know you are using aligners. Invisalign will eventually positively impact your confidence/appearance on zoom calls and in social settings.

Joseph Hogan, the president, director and CEO of Align Technology said this about the recent climate for business, “With 15 million orthodontic case starts annually and more than 500 million consumers who can benefit from a better smile, the market for digital orthodontics and restorative dentistry is massive and has been unleashed by the need for digital.”

Here at Sbenati Dentistry we have always aimed to deliver confidence to every patients by helping them to love their smiles. Using Invisalign to combat the Zoom effect is just another way we look to serve the community in a positive way. Read more about our Invisalign service here:

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Currently, the alternative to Invisalign is avoiding restorative treatment, risking continued scrutiny, and mental/oral health deterioration. Invisalign improved on this by fixing common issues in the mouth like crowding, alignment, overbite, underbite and gaps. This alone was enough to make Sbenati Dentistry’s Orthodontic Treatment more popular with customers in the Dentistry space, quickly.

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