Top 10 Ways to Deal with Stress

We know how difficult it can be to prioritize your mental and physical health to deal with stress. If this pandemic has showed us anything it’s that we have to take the time to work on ourselves mentally and physically. Here at Sbenati Dentistry we don’t just care about your teeth. We have a deep care for our loyal patients and every member of the London Ontario Community. Below are some great tips that anyone can take to help manage stress and break the cycle of poor mental and physical health.

  1. Exercise. This may seem simple but it is an important step in breaking a vicious cycle. Many people understand that it is good to be physically fit and active, but not many people understand the true correlation between physical health and mental health. Activity releases endorphins and serotonin, which improve mood and overall mind function. Make the vicious cycle a positive one by working out regularly and getting out into our lovely environment. Check out this map and list of awesome walking trails in London by clicking here.
  2. Relax your muscles. This step works perfectly with the one above. If we do physical activity it is important to relax the muscles we use for proper recovery.
    • Stretching
    • Enjoying a massage
    • Taking a hot shower or bath
    • Taking a cold shower (squeezes the lactic acid out of the muscles for quick recovery)
    • Getting a proper amount of sleep for your age (click here to view a chart from the CDC)
  3. Deep breathing. Having a healthy flow of oxygen to your brain and to all other organs is vital. This means controlled and deep breathing during all the activities outlined above. Check out this awesome 3- minute tutorial video on ujjayi breathing techniques!
  4. Eat well. Each of these steps builds and relates to the ones prior. Having a healthy and balanced diet that is right for you benefits your physical, mental and oral health! In order for all of the above factors to work properly you must give your body the proper nutrients it needs. This means good calories, clean carbohydrates, protein, fruits and vegetables! Proper gut health and function also means you need some good bacteria!
  5. Slow down! This step is very important and often overlooked in the 21st century. With the growth of technology and all that comes with it, we become distracted constantly. We usually give our attention to screens non-stop. Take a break from them daily to reset mentally. There are also many ways you can make life seem slower and more in your control:Look at your life and find small ways you can do that. For example:
    • Look at your life and find small ways you can do that. For example: Set your watch 5 to 10 minutes ahead. That way you’ll get places a little early and avoid the stress of being late.
    • When you’re driving on the highway, switch to the slow lane so you can avoid road rage.
    • Break down big jobs into smaller ones. For example, don’t try to answer all 100 emails if you don’t have to — just answer a few of them.
  6. Take a break. Whether you are working remotely, spending time watching your children or working in your regular environment it is important to take breaks. Studies show that productivity decreases when frequent breaks aren’t utilized. Our mind and body need time to reset, give them a rest so they can perform better for you and your loved ones.
  7. Make time for hobbies. You’ve probably heard the saying work hard, play hard. Well this rings true. As much as you work and exhaust yourself a great way to mentally and physically reset is to get a hobby like one of the ones listed below. Even better if the hobby itself is relaxing!
    • Reading
    • Knitting
    • Doing an art project
    • Playing golf
    • Watching a movie
    • Doing puzzles
    • Playing cards and board games
  8. Talk about your problems. This is huge for stress management and mental health. People can sometimes internalize their issues, causing disproportionate reactions to lesser issues. For yourself and those around you it is important to calmly voice your stressors and concerns. If you do not have someone to talk to, here is an awesome local program that you can text, call or chat with.
  9. Go easy on yourself. Many of us (you know who you are) are very hard on ourselves. We often speak of being nice to others but what is often overlooked is being nice to yourself. This means positive self-talk and invoking all of the above options to improve your physical and mental well-being. 
  10. Support others. You have the potential to be a person of support for your friends and family. After reading this article you’ve become aware of 9 other ways to improve your health. Share them! You can help others by being a positive influence on their life, which can in turn help make you feel good. It’s a win-win!

Source: Planet Earth