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Congratulations on the announcement of your wedding, winter tends to be the season where we see a lot of proposals and couples planning for their wedding in the summer.  I know you’ll likely be focused on finding the perfect wedding dress or tuxedo and making the day perfect.  But perhaps you also want to consider a quick wedding teeth whitening solution to get an even more beautiful smile for your wedding day, that even a diligent oral hygiene routine cannot give you.

Wedding Teeth Whitening Solution

The perfect solution is professional teeth whitening which has continued to be effective against teeth staining.  With the rise of social media influencers and celebrities desiring whitening methods, the demand for whiter teeth has transcended the health benefits of the treatment and is a popular solution among engaged couples.

This demand has caused the creation of many do-it-yourself (DIY) teeth whitening methods (whitening strips, accelerated charcoal, whitening trays, etc) that can damage your teeth and give you minimal results.   In this blog, we will be outlining the problem that professional teeth whitening solves and why you should not try to whiten your teeth at home especially for your wedding day.

What are and how to avoid extrinsic and intrinsic stains?

These are the interior and exterior stains of the tooth enamel defined by a change in the colour or shine of your teeth.

Extrinsic stains typically result from a collection of individual behaviours like smoking, eating dark fruits (blackberries, blueberries), or drinking dark drinks like (red wine, coffee, or tea).  These stains vary widely because they are largely due to lifestyle habits and can be managed by whitening toothpaste as these stains reside on the surface of your teeth.  Some at-home methods may be effective with these stains but they can hurt your teeth which could be disastrous for your wedding day.  You may want to stop eating dark-pigmented foods and drinking sugary and darker drinks as well.

Intrinsic stains occur in your teeth within the tooth enamel due to a wide range of factors like genetic disorders or local factors during tooth development.  Intrinsic discolouration is also more common with aging as the enamel becomes thinner.  To remove these stains bleaching agents must be used, but the methods and effectiveness depend on the technique, type, and severity of the stain being addressed.  These types of stains will require help from the pro’s which you can learn more about by clicking here:

Why you should avoid DIY (over-the-counter whitening products)?

At-home methods of teeth whitening can take weeks to get anywhere close to the results you’ll receive from one teeth whitening treatment in the dentist chair.   Although over-the-counter (OTC) products can be less expensive than the stronger solutions that are only available to dentists, it is important to account for the time trade-off and the damaging effects these products can do on your teeth.

To read more about the ineffectiveness of DIY whitening products click here to check out 4 OTC teeth whitening techniques and why they are dangerous.  Many of you will be spending money on a professional photographer, but even the best photographer can’t give you whiter teeth in your photos.  This makes professional teeth whitening a great investment to get better wedding photos, digestive/oral health, and more confidence.

Adverse reaction#1 beware of sensitive teeth:

Tooth sensitivity is the most common adverse reaction to DIY whitening strips or tray-based teeth whitening bleaching – affecting up to 2/3 of users in the early stages of treatments.  In most cases, the tooth sensitivity is temporary and will resolve itself within a few days.  Recently it was found that when teeth whitening is done in an office setting, you can get better results with a lower concentration of hydrogen peroxide in the teeth whitening bleach.

Adverse reaction #2 gingival irritation:

This adverse effect tends to go away after a short period of time after treatment but results from peroxide-based gels from whitening strips.  It can also be caused by poor-fitting trays or an improper application technique of the protective barrier or gel.  This adverse reaction can be avoided by choosing a dentist experienced in professional teeth whitening who can digitally create a customized tray and avoid the solution from irritating your gums.  Due to digital scanning, you don’t have to worry about gooey dental impressions either.

What can a Sbenati Dentistry patient expect from their teeth whitening visit?

At Sbenati Dentistry we have a team of dental professionals who want to see you have a bright smile.  The yellowing of teeth damages both the tooth and one’s confidence and we want to help you have the same beautiful smile as your favourite celebrities who love dental teeth whitening.  We use industry-leading technology to provide you with a world-class teeth whitening experience.

This experience may include radiographs, a clinical exam, and a client’s dental history.  Although everyone’s teeth can lose their shiny texture with time that is no reason for you to not prioritize your smile today.  Teeth whitening is a popular and non-invasive treatment for patients seeking a smile enhancement, and it also improves their oral/digestive health.  It is worth noting that teeth whitening is not suited for patients with implants as bleaching will only be effective on natural teeth.

Instead of being frustrated for months trying to whiten your teeth at home, you can come to see a dentist for your teeth whitening treatment and see unbelievable and safe results in your first treatment.  The treatment will take approximately 30-40 minutes, and we’ll show you exactly what your new smile will look like before we begin your treatment.

Conclusion (professional teeth whitening is safer & more effective for your wedding day)

Millions of people will be seeking a whiter smile in the next five years and we hope that you recognize that your wedding day is a perfect time to utilize this exploding trend.  As of today, there is no substantial evidence supporting the effectiveness of DIY teeth whitening methods, and professional teeth whitening is well worth the cost for your wedding day.

If you would like to ask us our dental clinic in London Ontario any questions or schedule an appointment you can use our “Request An Appointment” form, email us at Info@sbenatidentistry.ca, or give us a call at (519)-474-0220 we’d love to meet you.

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