What Can Your Smile Say About Your Astrological Sign? Part 1

What can your smile say about your astrological sign? Everyone has different habits when it comes to their oral hygiene routine. Did you know that your own habits can correlate with the stars?! 

The Scorpions

Scorpios are known for their inclination to flaunt themselves, exuding an unmistakable “please look at me, I am gorgeous” aura among others. This zodiac sign tends to gravitate towards a combination of natural and artificial elements in pursuit of an attention-commanding smile. They often opt for a blend of authentic white tones along with the gleam of artificial enhancements. This intentional mix ensures that their smiles become impossible to overlook, becoming a striking focal point.

The Leos

Leos have a distinct preference for maintaining an appealing appearance without veering into excessive showiness. They tend to embody a more refined and elegant demeanor. Consequently, Leos favor a natural and understated approach to their dental enhancements. Their inclination lies in achieving the appearance of teeth that have been consistently well-maintained over time, resembling the unassuming beauty of a meticulously tended vineyard. This commitment to a consistently natural aesthetic characterizes the smile choices of individuals born under the Leo zodiac sign.

The Cancer

Cancer individuals often exhibit varying preferences when it comes to their smile aesthetics. Their desires oscillate between desiring a brighter, porcelain-like white on certain days to opting for a richer, tan-hued shade on others. This fluctuation is influenced by factors like the day’s mood and the corresponding moon sign. Predicting the smile choice of Cancers becomes a challenge due to this unpredictable and changeable nature.

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