What Does Your Smile Say About You? 

What does your smile say about you? There are 3 different kinds of smiles. There’s a wide smile, a restricted smile, and then there’s no smile at all. Stick with us for Dr. Sbenati, a dentist from London, Ontario will reveal the differences in terms of how your personality differs on each of those levels!

Level 1: The Wide Smile!

A wide, exuberant smile often signifies a highly outgoing nature. Individuals who wear such expansive smiles tend to be remarkably sociable and talkative. They effortlessly assume the role of the life of the party, radiating an infectious energy that uplifts those around them. Their inclination to smile openly and engage with everyone highlights their innate desire to connect and bring joy to others. These vivacious personalities naturally draw attention, often becoming the focal point of social gatherings due to their enthusiastic and welcoming demeanor. Their genuine delight in spreading positivity through their smiles and their ability to be present for others solidify their status as cherished companions in any social setting. In essence, their wide smiles mirror their expansive hearts and their inclination to create memorable moments for everyone they encounter.

Level 2: The Restricted Smile!

Conversely, individuals with restrained smiles often exude a sense of calmness and introspection. These individuals possess a quieter demeanor, smiling with an air of contemplation. Their smiles carry a subtle depth, suggesting an inner world of thoughts and reflections. Often perceived as reserved and shy, they exhibit a unique blend of thoughtfulness and reticence. Despite their reserved nature, their smiles convey a distinct charm, drawing others in with a sense of curiosity and an invitation to uncover the layers of their intriguing personalities.

Level 3: The No-Smile At All!

Individuals who refrain from smiling often exude an air of mystery and potential danger. These individuals might be associated with roles such as those found in the mafia or as gangsters, projecting an aura of intensity. Their lack of smiles can signify a deep contemplation of their surroundings and actions. These are the figures one would hesitate to cross, as their seriousness and contemplative demeanor suggest a level of assertiveness and control. While they might not be the life of the party, their presence is essential; their enigmatic nature adds an intriguing layer to any social gathering or context. Without their distinct influence, the dynamics of various situations would be irrevocably altered.

How about you? At what level does your smile fall? If you want to make your smile even better or you have any oral problem that needs our help, we are glad to help you have your smile back with resounding confidence! Book your dental consultation here: [https://calendly.com/sbenatidentistry/cosmeticdentalconsult] or call us at [519-474-0220]. Start your smile journey now! 

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