Digital Smile Design: Your dream smile in 5 steps!

Do you think your smile doesn’t suit your face?
Do you think your smile doesn’t convey how you feel inside?
Do you think your smile doesn’t show the world your real you?
Let us show you how Digital Smile Design can change your smile and your life.
This past January Sbenati Dentistry became a Certified Digital Smile Design Clinic.  This means a revolution in the way dentistry is done,  focusing on our patient’s whole being, transforming their lives through their smile.
Your smile is the first thing people see when meeting you for the first time, and if you are not confident in that smile, it ruins those first impressions.
So you want to change your smile, but where do you begin?
You have so many dental options and procedures to choose from it can be overwhelming. Digital Smile Design was created to treat you as a human being and not just a set of teeth.   DSD can restore the faith you have lost in your smile and give you a real smile.

What is a real Smile? Digital Smile Design

A real smile works in harmony with your facial features.
A real smile comes from the soul, not the mouth.
And a real smile truly expresses Who you really are.
In the same way, beauty is found in architecture through shapes arranged to create balance for function, beauty, and feeling. A Smile Design will do the same thing for your smile.

Five steps to your dream smile
Starting with you and ending with a smile that has the power to transform your life. Here are the five steps that will get you there.

Step one: We Listen
Your smile captures the very essence of your personality and the impression you want to project. We can’t create that smile without getting to know the real you first.

Step Two: We Plan
Using our unique suite of tools and technology, we can enable you to see how a new smile in the form of a 3D simulation on screen. We can try as many configurations as it takes until we arrive at a smile that truly matches your personality and enhances your face the way you want.

Step Three: You Test
We then take the smile that represents the real you and creates a fully fitted mock-up. You can finally see your teeth as they should be a harmony of shapes and arrangement of your teeth to your face’s structure.  At this step, our clients start to smile for the first time because they can see that their life is about to change.

Step Four: We treat
Once you are truly happy with your smile, your treatment package is finalized. Whether it is veneers, crowns, implants, or Invisalign, at this point, we begin to administer the treatments that you need to create Your smile—guaranteeing an exceptional result.

Step Five: You Smile
Finally, you can smile as you mean it, and you are on your way to greet the world with new confidence, a new look, and a new you.
Digital Smile Design goes beyond traditional dentistry and looks at the complete picture.

For the Month of February 2022, Sbenati Dentistry is offering complimentary consultations, so let’s start the conversation and give us a call or book an appointment on our website listed below. Together, we can create a smile that says you.