Why DIY Teeth Straightening is a Dangerous Trend

We all want world peace and eternal happiness but when you are standing in front of the mirror you may also be consumed with a desire for straight teeth.  This is totally natural, you know those people who you may see around the office who has a smile that can light up a room and cheer everyone up? Well, although this is a very common desire I promise you that trying a DIY teeth straightening your teeth yourself is not the answer and I’m going to explain this complicated job should be left for your dentist.

What is this DIY Teeth Straightening Trend?

This DIY teeth straightening trend is growing at an alarming rate due to video guides on social media that claim that paper clips, dental floss, rubber bands, and other household items can straighten your teeth.  In recent research from 2017, it was revealed that 13% of orthodontists that were a part of the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) saw patients that tried these methods have damage that was impossible to repair.

DIY teeth straightening places your teeth and gums at risk because moving your teeth without an oral health exam by biting a pencil or pulling on your teeth can lead to tooth loss.  These teeth straightening techniques even if they don’t lead to teeth loss will not save you time or money and will only lead to more pain.

How can our London Ontario dental clinic help you straighten your teeth?

We can help you straighten your teeth by using either traditional metal braces for severe cases or Invisalign clear aligners for mild-moderate misalignment issues.

With traditional braces, a wire is sent through metal brackets which are placed on each tooth so that your teeth will move along with the wire which can be adjusted depending on the misalignment case.

Many of our patients typically prefer our clear aligners and retainers due to the customizable treatment options, their discretion, and how customizable and potentially shorter-term the treatments tend to be. The clear aligners are typically changed every few weeks to ensure your teeth are adjusting properly and that the treatment method remains tailored to your specific needs.

What are the benefits of Invisalign Clear Aligners? 

Invisalign clear aligners can be removed easily by squeezing the ends of the aligners as shown.

The most popular benefit of the clear aligners is that they are invisible which is why they are popular among celebrities who don’t want anyone to see them wearing braces, but there are many other benefits:

  1. They are a comparable cost to have traditional metal braces
  2. They are more comfortable and typically quicker treatment which could only last 6 months
  3. No diet changes and the aligners don’t need to be adjusted you’ll be given replacements as your straightening journey progresses
  4. You can replace them with a sports mouthguard to play sports or take them out before intimacy or a public speaking engagement if you are concerned about them being in the way
  5. They don’t impact your eating, brushing, or flossing routine and can be removed easily as needed

When should I see a dentist to straighten my teeth?

Children should be considered for a teeth-straightening treatment as their teeth start to come in to determine if they can benefit from that treatment.  Invisalign would probably not be an appropriate course of action as they are typically for after all of your adult teeth have come in but your dentist will design a tailored treatment plan for your children.

Pediatric dentists like Dr. Sbenati, in particular, are well trained in creating safe and effective treatment plans for children while helping them with their dental fear and/or stress.

If you are an adult your teeth straightening adventure can start at any time, simply set up an appointment at your dental clinic if you have an underbite, overbite, crowded teeth, crossbite, or another teeth spacing issue.  If you want a long-lasting and safe teeth-straightening solution a dental orthodontist is your only solution.

Protect your Teeth by Trusting your Dentist Today!

The internet is a boundless source of information in an age where we all want answers and results fast.  Unfortunately, not all get results fast content can work especially when considering something as important as your teeth which are needed for eating, speaking, and other functions.

Having your teeth straightened by your dentist has never been easier due to industry technology advancements like digital scanning and clear aligners which will improve your self-esteem, digestive and oral health by simply straightening your teeth.

If you’re ready to leave the teeth straightening to the pro’s our dental clinic in London Ontario has a master in cosmetic dentistry that would love to meet you today for a consultation!