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Your smile can be improved with a variety of cosmetic dentistry procedures. Locate a dentist in your area and make an appointment for a smile evaluation right away.

Why choose smile makeover dentistry?

Positivity about your smile is never too late! A smile makeover, which combines many cosmetic dentistry procedures, can significantly improve the look of your teeth.

Our Makeover Transformations

Why choose Sbenati Dentistry for a smile makeover ?

Sbenati Dentistry professionals dentists use cutting-edge cosmetic dental procedures to provide you the best results possible for your smile makeover. You will obtain the following benefits from a method called “Digital Smile Design”:

A trial smile

Seeing is believing! You can preview how your smile could look with porcelain veneers before any treatment begins.

A custom-made smile design

Your new veneers are designed to suit your unique facial features, in harmony with your face and the rest of your teeth.

Natural-looking results

Our veneers mimic the color, shape and texture of real teeth – so there’s no need to worry about fake-looking smiles.

We offer these quick and simple

treatment options:

Cosmetic Dentistry Smile Results

Cosmetic composite bonding

This is a rapid and least intrusive method of changing the appearance of your teeth. It is also known as dental bonding. One can:

Professional teeth whitening

For a whiter and brighter smile, our clinic provide expert teeth-whitening alternatives to help you get rid of stains and discolouration.

Confident Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry in London Ontario
The plan

My 3-step plan for a smile makeover at Sbenati Dentistry

Book a new patient exam

Attend our dental office to learn more and see your ‘trial smile’ before treatment begins.

Choose the best smile makeover for me

Have cosmetic dental procedures that fit your lifestyle, finances, and aspirations for your smile.

Smile with confidence

Enjoy the advantages of a beautiful, healthy smile.

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